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Throughout history there have been people who were "household names." The character of these individuals tells us much about the character of the people in the nation at the time. In the early 1800s, author Lydia H. Sigourney was one such household name. Her virtuous character and high moral standards came from her Biblical worldview. She understood that the strength of the nation came from well-ordered homes. She encouraged virtue in her writings. Her book LETTERS TO MOTHERS received numerous endorsements from magazines and newspapers, recommending that every mother, and also fathers, read her book. This is a must-read if we are to bring back virtue and morality in our nation. Thank you FACE for reprinting this book for a time such as this.

Arline Helms
Home Educator
Reviving the Foundations

In preparation for Mother’s Day (May 13), FACE is offering its reissue of Lydia Sigourneys' 1838 book Letters to Mothers at a special price. Mrs. Sigourney offers a poignant image of the role motherhood played in the founding era of our nation. She encourages Mothers to be responsible for nurturing the character and conscience of their children, and instructs them on how to create a Christian home.

She writes concerning the role of Mothers: “Heaven has given her priority and power, and that she may learn the nature of the soul which she is ordained to modify, has permitted her to be the first to look into it, as into the cup of some opening flower, fresh from the Forming Hand.”

Mrs. Sigourney knew then what is still true today, that health of a nation lies in the character of its people, and that character is formed in the home. She understood that “to teach the science of self-government is the great end of education,” and that the “strength of a nation especially of a republican nation is in the intelligent and well-ordered homes of the people.”

Letters to Mothers is a call to our own time to once again honor mothers not only for their role in bringing new life into the world but also in forming and shaping that life in Christian character. If we heed Lydia Sigourney’s advice, many of the heartbreaking problems that beset our nation today can be resolved and their disastrous consequences averted.

This beautifully designed, hardbound, 212-page commemorative edition, with full-color illustrations, is reprinted from the original 1838 edition and will be yours to enjoy, reflect upon, and share with your family. It also makes the perfect gift for a new Mother, Grandmother, and for all Mothers.

Receive this FREE PDF when you order. Learn more about Lydia Sigourney's life and teaching. This special gift will inspire you and your students. (PDF will be emailed directly to you when your order.)

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Letters to Mothers
Letters to Mothers
Our Price: $24.95

Reprint of the 1838 Letters to Mothers, a gift book of noble wisdom and practical ideas for the art of mothering.  For Mothers, Grandmothers, aspiring Mothers, and those who mentor Mothers...