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Reason for Hope Republican vs. Socialism Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Reason for Hope
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Republican vs. Socialism
Sale Price: $10.00
Is it too late to restore America? Can the tide of secularism be turned by our original principles? Christians painfully, and too often hopelessly, witness and... Where is liberty? Most people cannot define either a republican form of government or socialism, much less understand these completely antithetical systems of civil government. As we rush toward more and... This presentation uses facts of science to expose the myths of evolution and then shows how true science supports the Bible. Topics include living...
Was Jesus a Socialist? What is a Biblical Economic System? Capitalism vs. Planned Economy Free Men and Free Markets
Free Men and Free Markets
Sale Price: $10.00
Jesus was not a socialist, but he was completely Jewish. Both the Hebrew and the New Covenant Scriptures are profoundly Jewish in their character and practice. Ironically, both the good examples of the... Can you articulate the difference between capitalism (the free market) and socialism (planned economy)? If you can’t you are in good company, as most Americans have no idea how... What is the free market; what are its origins, and how does it contrast with socialism, its major competitor? How and why do a Biblical form of government (Christian self-government) and...
The Welfare State: The Biblical and Constitutional View on Poverty and Welfare Course Free Men and Free Markets: The Biblical View of the Economy Course
Romans 13 delineates the role of government as a “punisher of evildoers.” Our founders understood this and strictly limited the powers of the federal government as they drafted the Constitution. They did not see government as a “provider” but... Do you know what the Bible teaches concerning economics? This five lecture course will give you a Biblical understanding of how man satisfies his material needs, how the market system...