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How to Make the Constitution Important to Our Youth: Reaching a New Generation with the Principles of Liberty How to Really Make America Great Again: Why Education is the Key to Restoring America Choice: The Best Opportunity For All
Institute on the Constitution’s President Jake MacAulay started the mission of reaching youth through an initiative called American Clubs. These Clubs emphasize... Proverbs 14:34 reminds us that “righteousness exalts a nation.” So how do we become a righteous and therefore great nation again? How do we recover a national righteousness, a “purity of heart and rectitude of life?” Many realize that... Choice is fundamental to freedom. The more choices you have, the more freedom you have and the more enjoyable life is. Why does our government insist that one’s zip code determines...
Principle Approach vs. Common Core Education God's Way The Role of Pastors in the Transformation of Nations
Education God's Way
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Discussing the logical and necessary consequence of non-principle approach Christian education, Dan will be drawing on insights from... Educational Reform…have you noticed that each new fix for our educational problems seems to only make things worse? This always results in pleas for more... Surveys show that the church in America today fails to be relevant to most people. America has never had larger churches yet is losing the culture. A study of church history shows a model of...
The Power of Language: It's a Matter of Life and Death Education and the Constitution: What is the Role of Civil Government in Teaching Children What is a Parent to Do? Educational Solutions that Work
Wake up to the subtle deconstruction of the language of liberty creeping into our daily use of words. Learn to identify the... What authority does the Constitution give government in education? What purpose did it serve? Gary Porter will share some insight into... Dr. Max Lyons discusses the
educational dilemma facing parents today. This is a follow-up
to the presentation “Choice: The Best Opportunity for All”
American Education: How Do We Get Out of This Mess? Reclaiming True Education Course Lecture Series on the Pathway to Biblical Liberty
Includes four sessions on American Education and the significant role of...
Do you know what the Bible teaches concerning economics? This five lecture course will give you a Biblical understanding of how man satisfies his material needs, how the market system...

This 11-part course documents the vital role of the Bible in the forming of the United States of America.

Each session presents one major idea from The Pathway to Biblical Liberty Study Guide (included with purchase of the course). You will be become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation.