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Teach vocabulary and Christian character through Shakespearean literature. Shakespeare Curriculum Bundle

Next to the Bible, Shakespeare offers our children the richest and most lasting experience with language and literature. In keeping with the Principle Approach® emphasis on using literature to instill a love of learning, Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, histories and sonnets create a threshold from which our children pass into a new realm of language mastery. Even the youngest children delight in acting out famous scenes from the plays and can develop a love of Shakespeare that demystifies his work and cultivates a taste for the great classic tradition in literature and the theater. Included in the bundle is the Noah Plan® Curriculum Guide, which will prepare you to teach Shakespeare and which also includes recommendations for plays for every grade level.

Also known as “Bard of the Bible,” Shakespeare was profoundly acquainted with the Scriptures and makes Biblical themes the foundation of moral truths in all his works. He referred to the Bible over 1200 times in his plays and sonnets.

Shakespeare contrasted pagan and Christian elements in his writing, highlighting how the Scriptures shape character and history.

Order this literature bundle today and prepare to teach Shakespeare through a Biblical lens to every grade level from Kindergarten through high school.
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Vocabulary Bundle with Shakespeare
Vocabulary Bundle with Shakespeare
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Teach vocabulary and Christian character through Shakespearean drama.