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Bring the study of history to life through the doorway of a literature classic.
Men of Iron Curriculum Bundle

To help teach history, we have created a special Curriculum Bundle suitable for 6th graders through high school, using a classical, Biblically-based method, the Principle Approach. Apply the Principle Approach to teach the history of civil and religious liberty while you present an inspiring, character-building literary classic.

“It was a noble day…where the air seemed sweeter and fresher…and the sun bright and as yellow as gold.” Men of Iron brings history alive in a tale of high adventure. The story teaches Christian character as it relates to knighthood and chivalry but also the importance of "careful training," friendship, loyalty, justice, and how to determine right from wrong. The story hangs on the question of how one decides guilt or innocence.

This story teaches Christian character and imbues a love of literature, while using the historical setting to kindle understanding of the roots of civil liberty first documented in the Magna Charta and the Wycliffe Bible in English.

The Men of Iron Teacher Guide prepares you to teach this literature classic using the notebook approach. The Guide suggests research, background reading, and instruction in teaching through the notebook approach.

Also included in the bundle is the Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide that will prepare you to teach literature from first principles to practical application, incorporating the ideas of literature as “the handmaid of history”, the elements of literature, extensive writing, reading and discussion.

The History Curriculum Bundle includes:

Men of Iron by Howard Pyle
Set in the 15th century, this coming of age story follows the young Myles Falworth as he grows into knighthood and seeks to redeem his father’s honor and restore his family’s fortune. The use of rich vocabulary captivates the reader and carries him away into exciting tournaments, battles, jousts, festivals and medieval life. Historic fiction, softcover, B&W, 220 pages.

Men of Iron Teacher Guide developed by Rosalie J. Slater
Designed to accompany the academic teaching of Men of Iron, this guide will lead students to discover the contribution knights made as men of valor to the freedom we enjoy today. This valuable resource includes literary and author studies, "Tracing a Link in Our Chain of Constitutional Liberty,” and demonstrating writing through the notebook method. It also includes a section on Howard Pyle as an artist, his influences and art training, and his principles of art instruction. Softcover, 38 pages. Also available in a downloadable version.

The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide by Rosalie J. Slater. Comprehensive guide for teaching literature K-12th grade. Amplified with practical models and methods of teaching, sample student notebook pages and step-by-step teacher direction, it inspires a high Christian standard of language by building a broad vocabulary and cultivating English language skills (grammar, syntax, orthography and composition). This guide teaches literature as history, the literature of the Bible, and the Bible as the source and seedbed of literature, liberty and poetry. It instills a love of the Bible, classics and excellent literature. Includes literature charts, methods, sample lesson plans, using the Bible to teach literature, and more. Softcover, 368 pages.

The Journal VI “American Christian Curriculum in Literature” (FREE Gift)
A publication of the Foundation for American Christian Education. This special issue of The Journal includes articles designed to teach and demonstrate Biblical classical education or The Principle Approach. Includes articles such as “American Christian Curriculum in Literature” by Rosalie J. Slater and “An Introduction to the Art of American Literature” by Mary-Elaine Swanson, plus others that will strengthen the teaching of literature for all ages. It is an essential tool for training in the historic Biblical classical method of education that produced the highest level of literacy in our nation and prepared our Founding Fathers in forming our Biblical constitutional republic. Softcover, 153 pages. FREE with purchase of the curriculum bundle.

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History Bundle with Men of Iron
History Bundle with Men of Iron
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Bring the study of history to life through the doorway of the Men of Iron literature classic.
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Men of Iron Bundle with Journal VI (Download Version)
Men of Iron Bundle with Journal VI (Download Version)
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This bundle includes:
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