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Does My Vote Matter? Is the Electoral College Hurting or Helping America? Government Takes All...What's Left for Me? A Case for Limited Government The Ten Commandments: God's Blueprint for Life, Liberty, and Property
Mr. Porter reviews the various proposals for choosing a President that the Framers considered and debated before settling on the one... Government overreach is one of the greatest threats to Americans today. How so? Civil government power grab is relentless, exercising control over health, education, welfare and... God’s moral law as contained in the Ten Commandments is necessary for us today. We must have a thorough knowledge of the Commandments and their...
Your Most Powerful Vote - The Duty of the Jury Choosing Godly, Principled Representatives Foreign Policy to Secure the Blessings of Life and Liberty
Pastor Whitney gives an understanding of both the theology and history of the jury's unequalled power to “nullify” when they deliberate in private. He will bring an understanding of... One of a Christian's primary civic duties is to vote. But who should a Christian vote for? A party's nominee? The candidate that promises prosperity? The candidate who satisfies the... Making sense of the threatening world situation in order to prepare our children to deal with it doesn’t require a Ph.D., but it does require a worldview that begins with God. Learn how...
The Bible and the Constitution Course
This ten session video course, recorded during the Lessons in Liberty Lecture Series, documents the vital role of the Bible in the forming of the United States of America. The Bible has been our textbook of civil, religious, economic, and educational liberty, producing our Christian constitutional Republic. The Bible and the Constitution is a distillation of the major ideas in The Christian History of the Constitution by Verna Hall and Teaching and Learning America's Christian History by Rosalie Slater.

In ten lessons we will teach and learn one major idea from The Bible and the Constitution. You will become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation.

Speakers include Dr. Max Lyons, Dr. Gai Ferdon, Gary Porter, and Dr. Rodd Rodriguez. Included are a copy of the book, mp4 recorded lectures, copies of PowerPoint slides and handouts.