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Lessons in Liberty is a series of lectures and courses sponsored by The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) to help citizens better understand the source of liberty in our American Christian Constitutional Republic. The speakers are authoritative and the lectures topical. Join like-minded patriots who love God’s Word, and together, master the “lessons of liberty” so you can be used of God to help bring every aspect of culture “captive to the obedience of Christ.”

As a pastor, Lessons in Liberty have been an instrument the Lord has used to lead me into more of His Truth. These sessions continue to be an excellent equipping tool to methodically develop my Biblical Worldview and the Live Streaming option has made this educational opportunity extremely convenient and affordable.
Anita Smith, Co-Founding Pastor, Mighty Fortress Church

I have been personally very blessed by the Lessons in Liberty series. I have found them to be full of great teaching and enlightening. Most of all, I have received encouragement and hope from the speakers. In the times in which we live, where despair and hopelessness for our culture is steadily promoted, it has been encouraging to see a strategy for the future.
Chris Evans, Principle Approach educator and historian

The Seven Principles of Liberty
The 2019 Lessons in Liberty Lecture Series

What are the Seven Principles of Liberty? These basic, Biblical principles are the pathway to restore and maintain our Constitutional liberty.

Today, if we would preserve both liberty of conscience and civil liberty for every individual in America, we must base our convictions in every issue on the principles that built our American Christian Constitution.

Liberal pundits most often sway public opinion by debating issues. However, Christians can once again win the day by learning to present the principles of liberty because principles always trump issues. This is the pathway forward to restore our nation to truth and life.

These Seven Principles of Liberty are based in three foundational ideas:

  • How the character of America is formed in the Christian home, the Christian church and the Christian school
  • How the property of conscience is the end and purpose of government
  • How the study and embodiment of basic Christian constitutional principles can be delegated to every aspect of the individual’s spheres of self-government: home, business, school, social and political circles

Join us each month, online or in our classroom, as we study together. Each month we will uncover and discuss one of the Seven Principles that undergird our U.S. Christian Constitution. You will be become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation.

Presentations for the 2019 series will take place from October 2018 to July 2019. Registration for individual lectures is $10 for individuals and families—either in classroom or live online. For $99, get a subscription to attend all eight Lessons in Liberty sessions PLUS one all-day session of Renewing the Mind Teacher Training (a $70 value). That's a 34% savings. Also subscribers will not need to sign up for individual lectures; they will be automatically registered for every presentation. In addition, all registered attendees will receive access to the video-recorded lectures to watch at any time and copies of the speakers' PowerPoint presentations and handouts.

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1. Introduction: What is liberty and how do we keep it? 2. Principle One: God’s Principle of Individuality— November 12, 2018—Presented by Dr. Carole Adams 3. Principle Two: The Christian Principle of Self Government— January 14, 2019—Presented by Gary Porter
God designed us for liberty. The Bible teaches that, “we are called to liberty” (Galatians 5:13). What are the Biblical principles essential for liberty in a nation? Individuality, limited government, Christian self-government, Christian character, private property, local self government and union- these principles were once commonly understood and applied in American culture. This session reveals how the only hope for us as individuals and our institutions is to once again embrace God’s truth in the totality of our lives. Every day issues and opinions come at us rapidly, persistently, and authoritatively. The typical current ‘issue’ spawns opinions by the dozen, but why is my opinion any better than your, or yours than mine? This principle concerns the-all important question, "How should man be best controlled?" The Bible puts it this way: will we control ourselves or will we demand to be controlled by others (parents, employers, spouses, teachers, or civil government)? This is an issue that affects all of us daily, in numerous and profound ways. Ultimately, liberty exists in proportion to Christian self-government.

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4. Principle Three: America’s Heritage of Christian Character— February 11, 2019—Presented by Dr. Max Lyons 5. Principle Four: Conscience is the Most Sacred of all Property— March 11, 2019—Presented by Gary Porter 6. Principle Five: Principle of American Political Union— April 15, 2019—Presented by Rodd Rodriguez
Sadly we are witnessing the death of our republican form of government. This is primarily due to a loss of our national character. A people cannot remain free under a republican form of government unless they remain virtuous and morally upright.

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Life and Liberty are secure only as the right of private ownership of property is strictly protected. Both internal (conscience) and external (land, houses, etc.) property must be protected from the continual assaults upon them. The primary function of civil government is the protection of property (both internal and external).

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Christianity produces civil or political union in a different way than the world does. It produces union based upon spiritual unity. Congregational clergyman Leonard Bacon observed that the early churches "became a community united, not by external bonds, but by the vital force of distinctive ideas and principles." The unity of believers eventually works its way from the individual sphere to the family, church and civil spheres.

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7. Principle Six: How the Seed of Local Self Government is Planted— May 13, 2019—Presented by Dr. Max Lyons 8. Principle Seven: The Christian Form of Government— June 10, 2019—Presented by Gai Ferdon Lessons in Liberty Complete Lecture Series
Lessons in Liberty Complete Lecture Series
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The family is the first level of local self-government. It is at this level that God has designed most of the functions of life to take place: material provision, nurture and raising of children, including their education, medical needs, and spiritual development. It is God's plan and purpose that these essentials of life are taken care of at the most basic level of government, the family, rather than at a more centralized level of government, whether it is the city or county, the state, or the federal government.

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Noah Webster correctly observed, "Almost all the civil liberty now enjoyed in the world owes its origin to the principles of the Christian religion...The religion which has introduced civil liberty, is the religion of Christ and his apostles." Governmental forms are not equal; the freest form of government is one that is Biblical, embodying these aspects: a written constitution, separation of powers, fixed equally applied laws, protection of equal rights, systems of checks and balances, maximization of individual liberties particularly freedom of religion and liberty of conscience.

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The series includes eight monthly lectures and one all-day session of Renewing the Mind Teacher Training in July—a 34% savings. Speakers include Dr. Carole Adams, Dr. Max Lyons, Dr. Gai Ferdon, Gary Porter and others to be announced. Included are copies of PowerPoint slides and handouts. Sessions may be accessed live in our classroom, live online, or through watching the post recorded presentation.