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A Family Program for Reading Aloud The Family and the Nation Biblical Childhood Mother Carey's Chickens
Mother Carey's Chickens
Sale Price: $16.95
Reading Aloud discusses more than 200 literary classics and important works by great authors that identify Biblical ideals . . . The newest book from the author of the Principle Approach, Rosalie June Slater. A lovely story filled with humor, wisdom and warmth. Suggested for reading aloud at home.
Joel: A Boy of Galilee The Journal of the Foundation for American Christian Education Volume V Cure for the Common Core (Book & Video Files)
Joel: A Boy of Galilee
Sale Price: $13.95
Suggested for reading aloud at home. Annie Fellows Johnston (1898) Volume V Designing a Curriculum for a Christian Civilization Cure for the Common Core guides us as to how we can take steps to restore our nation and education to its Biblical foundation.
Letters to Mothers Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed Value of the Bible: A Biblical Constitutional Catechism
Letters to Mothers
Sale Price: $24.95
Reprint of the 1838 Letters to Mothers, a gift book of noble wisdom and practical ideas for the art of mothering. For Mothers, Grandmothers, aspiring Mothers, and those who mentor Mothers. "The unfolding answer to Christ's kingdom prayer illuminates the simple set of underlying Biblical principles that make a Christian Society possible."
This book (originally entitled Value of the Bible and Excellence of the Christian Religion 1834) is a study guide by Noah Webster.
Celebrate Our Christian Holidays LIke You Were There Sons and Daughters Walking in the Truth Government Takes All...What's Left for Me?
Celebrate seventeen American holidays with the depth of their Biblical traditions and true history.
Your children are your priceless treasures! Learn the Biblical reasons
to educate them in a thoroughly Christian program. This defense of
Biblical Christian education presents...
In this well-researched yet easy to read book, Dr. Lyons logically presents the case for limited government.
A Family Program for Reading Aloud and Joel, A Boy of Galilee Slavery in America, Truth and Falsehoods
This bundle includes A Family Program for Reading Aloud by Rosalie J. Slater is an in-depth resource for introducing and maintaining a reading aloud literature program for your family.

Bundled with this offer is Joel, A Boy of Galilee, by Annie Fellows Johnson.

The authors of The 1619 Project reframe history, placing slavery as the foundation of our nation and repudiating the idea that America was founded on Biblical ideals. What is the truth on this critical understanding of our Founding and the implications for those living today?