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Bring the study of math and science to life through the doorway of a literature classic: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Curriculum Bundle

To help teach the exciting but often challenging subjects of math and science, we have created a special Curriculum Bundle suitable for 3rd to 5th grades, using a classical, Biblically-based method, the Principle Approach. Apply the Principle Approach to teach fundamental math and science skills while you present an inspiring, character-building American literary classic.

Included in the bundle are two Noah PlanŽ Curriculum Guides that will prepare you to teach these subjects from first principles to practical application, giving the student a real understanding of the material.

Also included in the bundle is a historical novel that enlivens the study of these subjects with an inspiring true story. Carry on, Mr. Bowditch tells how Nathaniel Bowditch, the early American mathematician, became the founder of modern maritime navigation. Although Bowditch had little formal education, through his self-directed study he taught himself calculus and Latin, and later went on to revolutionize the navigation of the seas by providing correct mathematical formulas and tables for sailors. This story gives math and science their rightful place as practical tools God gave us for taking dominion over the earth, as well as teaching Christian character and imbuing the student with a love of literature. Purchase the Math and Science Curriculum Bundle and receive The Journal Volume V as a free gift.

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Math and Science Bundle with Carry On Mr. Bowditch
Math and Science Bundle with Carry On Mr. Bowditch
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Bring the study of math and science to life with the Principle Approach and the Bowditch bundle...