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Build your Biblical Liberty Library from our primary resource collection. These indispensable volumes will help in your study of America’s Christian history and liberty. Give a set to your church, to your children, and your grandchildren to help teach Christian self-government and preserve our freedoms for future generations.

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Teaching Providential History The Bible and the Constitution - A primer of American Liberty Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government
This guide prepares you to teach providential history at every Grade. The newly revised edition has been expanded to include more articles, maps and timelines for understanding the imperative of a providential view of history. Introductions to the guide and to the readings help frame... A compilation of primary source documents authenticating the Bible as a major influence on the making of the Constitution. Includes new... This book plants the Idea of America in the hearts and minds of Americans in each new generation.
Principles of American Government The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America Christian Self-government with Union Vol. II The Christian History of the American Revolution: Consider and Ponder
Principles of American Government is a timeless course in the guiding principles that form the bedrock of the Constitution of the United States of America. In Volume II, Verna M. Hall describes the uniqueness of American Christianity and its relationship to civil government as she again uncovers founding x. This volume is indispensable to the student incomprehending God's vision for liberty and government, his responsibility as a Christian citizen, and the standard to which we must hold our leaders to sustain our Constitutional Republic.
Teaching and Learning America's Christian History: The Principle Approach George Washington: The Character and Influence of One Man Discover America’s Christian history and God’s providence in the foundation and forming of the world’s first Christian constitutional republic and the United States of America’s place on the Chain of Christianity moving westward
Designed as the basic study guide for CHOC I The character needed for restoring America's political leadership in the 21st century. Verna M. Hall's classic compilation of America's Christian history. New Founders Edition 2006.
American Dictionary of the English Language Noah Webster 1828 Biblical Liberty Library Bundle
American Dictionary of the English Language Noah Webster 1828 This Biblical Liberty Library includes: