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The Pathway to Biblical Liberty Study Series Study Guide The First Landing Christian History Tour (Recorded Lecture) Reclaiming True Education Course
Learn to reason Biblically and apply Biblical truth to all areas of life. Equip yourself and your family with the tools to develop a solid Biblical worldview.
Learn the exciting, little-known story of the Christian founding and dedication of... Do you know what the Bible teaches concerning economics? This five lecture course will give you a Biblical understanding of how man satisfies his material needs, how the market system...
The Seven Principles of Liberty Lecture Series Restoring the Teaching of Providential History as the Context of a Biblical Worldview How the Principle Approach Method Forms Character and a Biblical Worldview in your Students
Lessons in Liberty lecture series The Seven Principles of Liberty Open your mind to see history truly as His Story - the Hand of God in human history. How does the history lesson... This course demonstrates the methods of teaching and learning that achieve the highest results academically and spiritually as verified by independent testing. A Biblical worldview is...
Teaching the Principles of Law and Government
This model lesson on law and government utilizes many of the tools that we have learned about this week. We will research in the Bible, and...