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Does My Vote Matter? Is the Electoral College Hurting or Helping America?
Our Price: $10.00

Mr. Porter reviews the various proposals for choosing a President that the Framers considered and debated before settling on the one...
Government Takes All...What's Left for Me? A Case for Limited Government
Our Price: $10.00

Government overreach is one of the greatest threats to Americans today. How so? Civil government power grab is relentless, exercising control over health, education, welfare and...
The Ten Commandments: God's Blueprint for Life, Liberty, and Property
Our Price: $10.00

God’s moral law as contained in the Ten Commandments is necessary for us today. We must have a thorough knowledge of the Commandments and their...
Your Most Powerful Vote - The Duty of the Jury
Our Price: $10.00

Pastor Whitney gives an understanding of both the theology and history of the jury's unequalled power to “nullify” when they deliberate in private. He will bring an understanding of...
Choosing Godly, Principled Representatives
Our Price: $10.00

One of a Christian's primary civic duties is to vote. But who should a Christian vote for? A party's nominee? The candidate that promises prosperity? The candidate who satisfies the...
Foreign Policy to Secure the Blessings of Life and Liberty
Our Price: $10.00

Making sense of the threatening world situation in order to prepare our children to deal with it doesn’t require a Ph.D., but it does require a worldview that begins with God. Learn how...