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Principle Approach Methods: Science
Our Price: $30.00

Teachers are prepared to implement the unique methods used to teach the critical subjects of...
Principle Approach Methods: History and Bible
Our Price: $30.00

Teachers are
prepared to implement the unique methods used to teach the...
Reading and Reasoning with Understanding
Our Price: $30.00

Learn the seven metacognitive strategies for comprehension and...
Principle Approach Methods: History
Our Price: $30.00

This training is appropriate for all teachers of history, government, Bible, geography, economics, and...
Biblical Economics for All Teachers and Every Student
Our Price: $30.00

This course explains
how to make sense of our modern economy by understanding the Biblical
principles of...
Bringing Life to the Classroom through Drama, Art and Music
Our Price: $30.00

Dr. Lyons
shares his experience of using simple and easy to use classic art, hymns,
songs, skits, plays and...
The Art of Using Language: Teaching Vocabulary
Our Price: $30.00

Dr. Adams demonstrates for teachers and parents, the teaching of vocabulary within the FACE Classic Grammar program.
The Principle Approach to Teaching Bible
Our Price: $30.00

Dr. Lyons will demonstrate how a Bible lesson taught by the Principle Approach differs from that of popular methods.
The Principle Approach to Teaching Classic Grammar and Literature
Our Price: $60.00

This course prepares teachers to to cultivate eloquent and...
Teaching Reading by the Principle Approach
Our Price: $60.00

Prepares teachers to develop their students' critical thinking and...