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Contrasting Lessons: Seeing How a Principle Approach Lesson Differs from a Traditional One
Our Price: $30.00

This lesson demonstrates a model elementary history...
Reasoning from Principles: Biblical Thinking for Life and Learning
Our Price: $30.00

This dynamic
course shows how principled thinking results in...
The History of Education in America from 1607 - Present
Our Price: $30.00

Without a thorough knowledge of the history
of education in our nation since its 1607 founding one cannot begin to...
Cultivating Character, Christian Self-Government, and Conscience in Children
Our Price: $30.00

You will learn how
parents and teachers can form Christian character in youth through application
Renewing the Mind: Self Directed Study in the Principle Approach® Course Online
Our Price: $49.99

This text-based study is a succinct overview of the Biblical foundations and basic methods of the Principle Approach®  Because the Principle Approach® is a new way of thinking, it provides a way ...
Teaching a Key Individual: Creating a Notebook Study
Our Price: $60.00

This course is taught "workshop style." If our children could...
Why Methods Matter
Our Price: $60.00

This course details the unique characteristics of...
Seven Principles of America's History and Government Course
Our Price: $60.00

Do you want lasting solutions for your life, family, church, business, community, and our nation? Do you want to understand and be able to apply the seven governmental principles of the Principle Approach®? Do you want to be a part of revival and reformation that is so desperately needed? If so, this course...
Mastering Providential History: Pilgrim Study Course Online
Our Price: $74.99

The Pilgrim story is a magnificent illustration of God's providence in history and a special legacy to be treasured by all Americans and Christians as a "goodly inheritance."
4-R'ing the Seven Principles Course Online
Our Price: $74.99

This ten session course presents the specific strategies and tools for each of the four steps of the 4-R'ing Method: Research, Reason, Relate, and Record that will increase the...