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N Noah Webster believed that the Bible is the source for the success and continuance of our American Constitutional Republic. He knew that only when men are have conformed their character to God’s law can they can they govern or be governed aright.

In this gracious book, Webster teaches families to “impress upon young children the blessedness of nurturing a family in the fear of God.” It was one of his many contributions to colonial education to further understanding of a Biblically founded nation and develop the character of young Americans so they might “govern aright” and become “co-workers with God”.

Originally titled Value of the Bible and Excellence of the Christian Religion (1834), this FACE Golden Anniversary commemorative edition is a must for any Christian history library. It teaches children to reason from Biblical principles so they can receive the “whole counsel of God.”

Employing an ease of style that no other Bible companion has achieved, this unique resource is suitable for the entire family and is an excellent tool for family devotions or a homeschool Bible course. It could also be incorporated into the English/Literature/Grammar studies in tandem with the American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828.

It includes an excerpt from Webster’s History of the United States, a Constitutional (or Federal) Catechism containing a brief explanation of the Biblical principles of government, study questions and “Advice to the Young”.

This choice book makes a gift that will be treasured by families, teachers, pastors or any person interested in America’s Christian heritage.

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Hardcover, 153 pages, 9 X 11.5 with illustrations. Regular price $24.95. On sale through January 31, 2017 for 20% off, $19.96. Coupon code required. Order by December 18 for Christmas delivery via Priority Mail.

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Value of the Bible: A Biblical Constitutional Catechism
Value of the Bible: A Biblical Constitutional Catechism
Our Price: $26.95

This book (originally entitled Value of the Bible and Excellence of the Christian Religion 1834) is a study guide by Webster...