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Nation Makers: The Art of Self-Government holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation, one that enjoys the religious liberty to uphold its nature. Each generation must inculcate the “idea of America” anew, and this book explains in a clear and concise way what that means.

America is a dramatic example of the fact that ideas have consequences. It is frightening that these ideas are undermined in every generation by ignorance and the assault of counter-ideas. America models the prosperity and liberty that Christianity produces when fully expressed.

The future of the “idea of America” depends upon educating each new generation in “the art of self-government” to avert the certain and destructive consequences of ignorance and apathy. This book is the guide to renew in Americans the idea and practice of Christian self-government and liberty under law. It plants the Idea of America in the hearts and minds of Americans in each new generation, and is not a history course, although it imparts an important foundational understanding of all history.

Nation Makers: The Art of Self-Government by Verna M. Hall and Rosalie Slater, edited by Carole G. Adams. Formerly published as Rudiments of Americas Christian History. Soft cover, with charts and graphs plus color illustrations, 142 pages. Included as a bonus is a downloadable 20-page Teacher Planning Guide. This book is suitable for use in middle school, high school, Sunday school or home study groups. Regular price $29.95, now 20% off. Use code BM917 at checkout.

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Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government
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A revision of the Original Rudiments of America s Christian History and Government.
Nation Makers: The Art of Self-government plants the Idea of America in the hearts and minds of Americans in each new generation.